Thinking About Starting Crossfit

My wife started a Crossfit bootcamp about a year ago, which is conducted by the trainers at Austin’s Crossfit Central (her trainer is Zachary Theil).

She’s had tremendous success, and has been encouraging and prodding me to give her bootcamp a try.

I’ve put her off as, frankly, bootcamps aren’t my thing — I was in the US Army, and have been to bootcamp already.

Once was enough.

But I’m woefully out of shape. And pushing 40-years old in less than a month. So I need to do something.

A friend of mine recently said that he’s started Crossfitting at a gym in San Antonio, which re-newed my interest.

I checked out the Crossfit website and started reading the message boards and testimonials. Soon after I started revamping my gym workouts to focus on a Crossfit-like mentality — more intensity and more functional lifting (lots of pullups, dips, dead lifts, squats, and presses) than I had been doing.

I’ve finally made the jump, though.

Last week I started the Crossfit Elements classes (three classes designed to teach the lifts and proper form used for Crossfit Workouts of the Day (WOD).

I’ll actually start “officially” Crossfitting on August 1.

This blog will be a journal chronicling the adventures of a middle-aged, out-of-shape, but exceptionally determined Crossfit Nube.

My (embarrassing) starting stats:

  • Age: 39 (40 in less than a month, though)
  • Height: 67″
  • Weight: 260 lbs (yep, you read that right)
  • BMI: I don’t know yet. But it’s bad. I’ll update this post once I have my initial assement.
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