Crossfit Elements — Second Session

Tuesday morning, 7:10 a.m. and I’m back at Crossfit Central for the second of three Crossfit Elements classes.

See here for my post on my first session last week.

Session two consisted of learning the following lifts:

  • Dead lift — no problems with this one once I figured out that me stance was just too wide and once my coach really got me focused on the right technique
  • Sumo dead lift high pull — I really like this lift. I have a tendency to want to really spread my feet too wide on most lifts, so being allowed to really spread them out in this lift felt good.
  • Shoulder press — my shoulder strength is probably my biggest physical attribute, and it comes in handy on learning this lift. However, years of bad technique will have to be unlearned to do this one properly…I have a tendency to move the bar in an arc back over and too far behind my head, rather than pressing the bar straight up and moving my head through the lift.
  • Push press — I’m just not fluid enough on this motion right now. Not enough faith in my knees and, more than anything, I’m too focused on each element of the lift rather than doing int fluidly in one motion. Lots of practice and I think I’ll be OK. Gotta remember to keep those elbows in.
  • Push jerk — I totally sucked on this one. Just could not get myself to “drop” beneath the weight. Lots of practice with a PVC pipe or naked barbell will be required.

No workout following the session…but I had a pretty good workout nonetheless as I ended up doing a lot of repetitions trying to learn each lift.

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