WoD: Nancy

Today’s Crossfit Central Workout of the Day (WoD) was Nancy. Which is exactly what I felt like today. A big nancy.

Click here for a video of Nancy.

Nancy (as RX’d) is 5 rounds (for time) of:

  • 95 lb Overhead Squats
  • Run 400 m

I tried the 95 lbs. Too much. And since it was timed, I scaled back to just the bar (45 lbs).

Running is going to kill me for a while. I can barely run jog 400m right now. Thankfully both of my knees feel fine (both ACLs reconstructed about 10 years ago), it’s just that I’m fat and out of shape. So running hurts. And I swear the returning 200 m of our run?

All up hill.

But I’ll get there.

I did manage to come in dead last today in our class of ~10. The fastest time posted was just over 15 minutes. The second to last athlete finished in about 22:30. I huffed in at 24:32.

But I’ve got to start somewhere. And this is where I’m starting. I’ll beat Nancy down a little the next time I try it.

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