WOD — Back Squats

I was all psyched out to do Elizabeth this morning at our Crossfit class — Elizabeth is Squat cleans and Ring Dips in sets of 21-15-9.

But was relieved to get to class at 5:30 a.m. this morning to see that we would be doing back squats in sets of 5-5-5-5-5. The goal was to progressively add more weight each set, trying to get your maximum lifts during the last set.

Having not done heavy back squats yet in Crossfit (yeah, I’m that new to the sport) and having two surgically recontstructed ACLs in my knees…I had no idea how much to lift.

We were in groups of threes on each squat rack, and I just followed the two other guys in my group.

We started with 115 lbs, then went up 20 lbs each set.

Which, admittedly just wasn’t near enough weight to challenge me. At all.

On the fourth set (175 lbs), my trainer chided me for not pushing myself harder and trying more — I was just using the same weight as the two guys on my rack, whereas I should have been adding more than they were.

On the final set, my two lifting mates both strained (successfully) with 195 lbs. My trainer made me up that to 225 lbs.

Much to my surprise I was able to knock out all 5 reps pretty easily. I think I probably could have gone with 250 on that last set.

At least I was able to focus on good form and technique though. And, having come in dead last on my first three Crossfit Central classes, it was nice to have the heaviest load in the entire class for once.

So now at least I have a benchmark.

My loads for back squats:

  • 115lbs x 5
  • 135lbs x 5
  • 155lbs x 5
  • 175lbs x 5
  • 2255lbs x 5 (PR)
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