WoD: Pull ups

Today’s Workout of the Day at Crossfit Central:

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

  • 5 box jumps (20″ box)
  • 10 L-sit pulls ups
  • 15 knee-to-elbow pull ups

I’m still too heavy/not strong enough/not enough stamina to do any pull ups, so I had to scale considerably for today’s WoD.

Box jumps, I’m still using step ups (though i bet I could have done jumps for the 5 reps today).

L-sit pull ups? Are you freak’n kidding me. I was lucky to get through doing jumping pull-ups.

Knee-to-elbow pull ups where the hardest for me, as I’m effectively hanging in mid-air trying to support my full 250lbs. And my knees never got anywhere near my elbows. Really ended up doing hanging crunches (just pulling me knees up to my chest as best I could).

I completed 6 2/3 rounds, and managed to tear off only one big callous on my left hand. Seems like everybody in the class had some pretty mangled hands after today’s workout.


After the WoD we completed 2 rounds of “Around the Worlds” with a medicine ball (20 twisting medicine ball throws with a partner and 20 medicine ball over the head throws/sit ups = 1 round).

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