WoD: Dead Lifts

Today’s Workout of the Day at Crossfit Central was 30 bodyweight + 1/2 Dead Lifts for time.

My bodyweight + 1/2 would be 375lbs. As my coach Zach commented, “That ain’t happening.”

I could have told him as much.

Instead I did body weight (245lbs). I think I was also the only person in our class of 7 this morning to do at least body weight for the 30 timed lifts. The girl who won this morning was using 65lbs…though I’m guessing she’s about 120 lbs herself.

I knocked out my 30 dead lifts with 245lbs in 3:08, doing 10, rest, 10, rest, 5, rest.

Which was 3rd fastest in our class and wiped me out.

Zach wasn’t happy with how much most of the class was lifting, as none of seemed to really know how much we could lift…so he had us add 10 lbs and knock out 5 more dead lifts. And then 10 more lbs and 5 more reps.

So, I ended up doing a set of 5 at 255 lbs, and a set of 5 at 265 lbs.

The only other dead lifts I’ve ever done in my life were last week as part of Christine.

But I really like doing these.


I should have known that 40 dead lifts were not going to be the extent of our workout today. When we finished up, Zach had us do 3 rounds of:

  • Medicine Ball Slams (10)
  • Medicine Ball Swings (15)
  • And Cowboy Squats w/ Medicine Ball (20)

He told everyone to use a 6 lb med ball, but I ended up with a 12 lb ball instead. And yes, it killed me. And yes, I was the last person done with my med ball workout.

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