Crossfit Philosophy

Crossfit is not your fitness program and it’s not done at a typical gym.

The Crossfit Business Philospy is:


Build a smal space – No Big Box Gym – No machines – No mirrors – Keep plenty of open space for our members to move and workout freely and effectively – Only use equipment that requires big, calorie burning, functional movements to use. No member goes it alone – Instruct and educate everyone – Cap class and membership size so we can maintain exceptional personal service – No bells – No whistles – Just results.


Every single time you walk through our doors you have one of our top-notch coaches with you, leading you through a unique, high-energy, results-driven workout aimed at maximizing your success. There’s no going it alone, no boredom, and no members that don’t use their memberships, like those big box gyms. We have the WOD (work out of the day) planned for you – so just show up ready to roll. Nearly 100% of our members are here several times-per-week, working hard, getting fit, and having fun. Like we always say, it’s a difference you have to experience for yourself… So don’t just drive by and miss out. COME PLAY WITH US.


What I’ve found at Crossfit Central, in regards to their philosphy:

  • Well trained and highly motivated coaches — these guys and gals know their stuff. They are unwaivering sticklers for proper form, technique, and intensity. If you are not doing a lift correctly, they will let you know. And they will work with you until you do know. The dedication, professionalism, and knowledge of the coaches is what makes Crossfit Central what it is, and is what will drive them to professional success.
  • Brutal and varied workouts — you never know quite what you’re in store for until you look up on the White Board to see what seemingly impossible challenge awaits you (“We’re going to do what?”). Everyday is different. Every day is challenge. Every day is fun.
  • A spirit of camaraderie, encouragement, and competition — the other athletes in your class will push you and encourage you. But don’t let that fool you for a moment, their goal is to beat you into the dirt and beat you to the end of the WoD.
  • Doing the Impossible — you will be pushed harder during a Crossfit WoD than you will push yourself. That’s the bottom line and the key to its effectiveness.
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