WoD — Run, Push, Pull

Today’s WoD at Crossfit Central (5:30 a.m. class):

For time, 7 rounds of:

  • 6 plyo-pushups (3 on each arm)
  • 10 kettlebell cleans (16 lbs)
  • 250m medicine ball run (8 lb med ball)

I finished last today at 21:34 minutes. The winner (good job Kerri) finished in just over 16 minutes. The second to last person beat me by a full minute.

The plyo-pushups (one arm on a medicine ball, the onther on the floor) and the kettlebell cleans weren’t too bad — knocked out all of them as RXd. Though Coach Zach kept on me about my wrist not being in the right position (nuetral) at the top of the Kettlebell clean.

Once again, running is killing me. I have a hard time running more than 400m without stopping. And running with an 8 lb medicine ball was no treat for me either.

100 Day Burpee Challenge

Today is Day 9 of the 100 Day Burpee Challenge, so we finished our workout with 9 burpees (at least I don’t have to do them later, now).

Today’s workout completed my first four weeks (first full month) of Crossfit. I’m not reaping the full benefit because I’m not doing anything else on my own other than my two days of Crossfit.


What do I need to do?

  • I need to start running on my own again. Get my butt down to Town Lake and start knocking out 5Ks again.
  • Mix in 2 more Crossfit WoD workouts on my own at home.
  • I need to get back in The Zone with my diet. I’ve been slacking and eating poorly. Need to feed the machine properly.
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