Crossfit Total (Dead Lifts)

We were not able to complete the Crossfit Total on Tuesday, so today we completed the dead lifts — my three dead lifts were 275-300-325lbs (PR).

This was my first attempt at a max dead lift, and frankly, I think I left quite a bit on the table. I’m guessing I could have pulled closer to 400. Which will be my goal next time we do these.

Thus, my Crossfit Total was: Back Squat=300lbs, Shoulder Press=165lbs, Dead lift=325lbs for a total of 790lbs.

My goal for Crossfit Total is 1000 lbs. Considering I think I left a lot on the table after all three final lifts, I think it is obtainable in the next few months. My goal to get to 1000lbs is:

  • Shoulder Press = 200 (the 165 wasn’t easy, so this will be the biggest stretch for me)
  • Back Squat = 375 (300 wasn’t that hard. I think 375 is pretty reasonable and probably already within reach. I don’t think 400 is out of the question).
  • Deadlift = 425 (the 325 I did this morning was pretty much without strain. I think I could add another 100 lbs today. I think 500 lbs is really within my ability).


Since all we did was dead lifts, our coach had us knock out the following after our deadlifts:

70% of Max Shoulder Press
20 reps of:
Back Squat
Shoulder Press/ Push Press/ Push Jerk( whatever neccesary to get the weight up)
Dead Lift

My weight was 115lbs.

The motion was:

  1. Perform a dead lift (with a pause)
  2. Snatch it up to a hang clean
  3. Perform a shoulder press
  4. Lower the bar behind your head and perform a squat.
  5. Press the bar overhead from behind your head. Lower the bar back to the starting position.

That’s one rep. Repeat 20 times for time. I finished second in the class (good job Daniel) in 4:52.

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