WoD: Pullups and Snatches

Good metabolic conditioning (metcon) workout this morning at Crossfit (our last three WoD were all heavy strength days, it was a nice wakeup call).

Today’s WoD:

Complete as many rounds as possible with a Partner in 14 minutes:
14 45 lb barbell Snatch
14 Pull-Ups

The barbell cannot touch the ground during the workout.

Rick and I knocked out 9.25 rounds in 14 minutes. About avg. in our class — though Daniel and Ryan completed 16.25 rounds. Impressive.

Rick and I each did 7 reps of each exercise for most rounds — though there were two sets where Rick did 8 pull ups to my 6.

I’m still doing jumping pull-ups — it will be quite some time (and weight loss) before I’m doing unassisted pullups.

After the WoD, our couach had us do the following Medicine ball (6 lb) workout: 20 reps of situp position: partner throws the ball , you go back, touch the ball over your head, then bring it back up and touch each knee (returning the ball all the way back behind the head after touching each knee), and then throw the ball back to your partner on the situp.

Then 50 reps of sitting Russian Twists with the medicine ball, passing it between each partner.

Largest class of Crossfit so far — I think there were 5 guys and 7 women in our class this morning.

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