Crossfit WoD: Grace

Crossfit Workout of the Day (WoD) for our 5:30 a.m. Crossfit Central class was:

Grace: 30 clean & jerks (135 lbs) for time

The actual Grace routine doesn’t specifically call out clean and jerk. Instead, it’s simply from ground to full overhead (elbows fully locked out) by any means. However, our coach was insisting we do the full clean and jerk, which is great if you are not strong enough to use a power clean and press, push press, or jerk.

Which I am.

I think I could have knocked this workout out a lot quicker than I did if I wasn’t focused on the clean and jerk.

Anyhow…my time was 8:12, which was second best in our class (Daniel knocked it out in 6:12).

Here’s one of our Crossfit Central coaches, Big Mike, blowing Grace out of the water in 89 seconds (by far the best time I’ve ever seen for this WoD):

<add video of Mike’s Grace>

Because it was a short workout, our coach had us do several rounds of planks, medicine ball sit ups, and medicine ball slams when we were finished with Grace.

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