Crossfit WoD: Shoulder Press and Row

Crossfit Workout of the Day (WoD) for our 5:30 a.m. Crossfit Central class was:

5 rounds for time of

  • 21 shoulder press (75 lb barbell)
  • 400m row.

My time was 21 minutes flat


There were 7 athletes in our class this morning, but since we only have 4 Concept II rowing machines, several minutes were lost during the workout waiting on a rower.

Even then, I was not only the first person in our class to finish (the first time ever for me “winning” one of our timed workouts in our class…especially a good metcon workout), but I was the only one to finish in the allocated time of 23 minutes.

PLUS, I was the only athlete in our class to do the full prescribed weight of 75lbs (granted, 5 of the other athletes were women — who scale on weights — and the other guy has a shoulder condition that prohibits his range of motion and load levels on shoulder exercises).


Our trainer, Zach Thiel, gave us some great instruction on using more power (rather than simply speed) for more efficiency on the rower. Which helped me a lot, I didn’t get fatigued as quickly, and was able to generate a lot of power in my legs, which helped me to plow through the 400m rows with an average cadence of 38 pulls=400 meters.

The first two sets of shoulder presses I was able to knock out with no pauses or resting. Which was the key to finishing quickly, as most everybody else seemed to struggle with the shoulder presses and took a lot more time here.

On the third set I was able to do 15 reps then 6 reps with a quick rest with the bar back on the ground.

For the fourth and fifth sets I knock out 10-6-5 reps with a quick rest between each. Lots of lactic acid building up in my shoulders (the 400m row between shoulder press sets didn’t exactly help either).

Coach Zach was vigilant about our form on the shoulder press, too: no bending the knees, elbows fully locked out on each rep, head push forward through the lift, close grip, with the elbows in a good neutral position, etc.

Great shoulder work out. Combined with the Grace WoD (30 clean & jerks w/ 135 lbs for time) on Tuesday, it was an exceptional shoulder week.

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