Crossfit WoD: 800m Runs and Lots of Squating

Crossfit WoD: For time, run 800M then 3 rounds (33, 22, 11) of Wall Ball (20 lbs), Sit ups, Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75 lbs), then finish with another 800m Run.

My time: 23:36


It was a chilly 37 degrees when we started our 5:30 a.m. Crossfit Central class this morning, so I was hoping we’d do a WoD that could be done completely inside of our box.

But, alas, we had to run a couple of 800m runs, filling the lungs with some cold air.

I felt pretty good on the wall balls, SDHP, and situps. But, as expected the runs killed me.

I finished 8th out of 9 athletes in our class. The top finisher, Daniel (and the only other guy in our class this morning) finished in just over 17 minutes, and I was 40 seconds behind the 7th place finisher, and about a minute ahead of the last person.

Between the wall ball and SDHP, we knocked out 132 weighed squats. Nice.

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