I am Crossfit

Why am I Crossfit?

Because I am the baddest dude I know — and Crossfit never fails to humble me and leave me completely whipped.


Today I started an 8-week “I am Crossfit” challenge via our Crossfit Central gym.

What is the I am Crossfit Program?

I Am CrossFit is an 8 week challenge designed to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to lose inches, gain inches, increase your strength, take minutes off of your marathon time — this program will help you get there.

By joining the I am Crossfit program I receive:

I Am CrossFit Program You Recieve:

  • Workouts emailed to me to complete on my days of from my regularly scheduled Crossfit program
  • I Am CrossFit T-Shirt
  • I Am CrossFit Wristband
  • Free Entrance to 2 CrossFit Workshops – Rings & Bar and Kipping Pull Up
  • 2 BenchMark Workouts
  • Goal Setting, Goal Assessments, & Body Measurements (Pre Program & Post Program)
  • Access to a Zone Training Seminar, Exclusive to I Am CrossFit Members Only
  • A CrossFit Central coach who will hold me accountable, help me with training and nutrition, and keep me motivated

My “I am Crossfit” coach happens to be my regular Crossfit Coach, Zachary Theil … so that’s cool.

What Does this Mean?

This means I’ll be doing 6 Crossfit Workouts per week (I have been doing 4 per week), following a strict Zone diet, and taking Advocare supplements.

On Day 1, I’ll have a body assessment (weight and body fat %) and then compete in a benchmark WoD. Eight weeks later I’ll have a final body assessment and re-take the same benchmark WoD to measure my achievements and improvements over those two months.

Benchmark WoD

I was signed up to be in the first group of participants on Saturday morning…check in at 7:20, and our WoD at 8:00.

I left the house with plenty of time…but almost exactly a half mile out of the driveway, my motorcycle went dead on me. I spent a few minutes trying to get it started, but couldn’t. I was in a spot where I couldn’t safely leave me motorcycle, so I spent about 25 minutes pushing my 800 lb motorcycle about a half mile back home.

Uphill (slightly).

(NOTE: turned out to be a blown fuse to my auxiliary plug under my seat, which controls my fuel processor).

I was completely drenched in sweat and my legs and arms were toast by the time I got home.

I jumped on my other motorcycle and got to the Crossfit gym. I was fortunate that they were able to get me into a later group, which was starting almost immediately.

All that to preface the fact that I totally bombed the WoD, which shouldn’t have been that hard for me.

The Benchmark WoD was:

3 Rounds for Time of:

  • 400m run
  • 15 pulls ups (scaled with jumping pull ups)
  • 7 hang cleans (scaled from 135lbs to 95 lbs)

I ran the first 400m just fine…but the moment I tried to do a pull up, I already had zero strenght or energy in my arms. The hang cleans weren’t too bad…but I could barely make the next quarter mile…walking at least half of it.

There was a 12 minute time limit on the workout, and I didn’t finish. I completed 2 rounds and 100m of the third round run (though I did finish running the entire 400m).

My body assessment: 260.4 lbs and 29% body fat (yikes).

My Goals

My primary goals to accomplish over the next 8 weeks:

  • Lose 5% body fat
  • Complete the BenchMark WoD in under 12 minutes, probably still scaling the pull ups, but using the full 135 lbs for the hang cleans
  • To not miss any of my scheduled WoDs, and to do each WoD to the best of my ability and with as much intensity as I can muster.
  • Be able to run a full mile without stopping or walking (right now, I can barely run a quarter mile before needing to stop and walk).

I’ll post my “before” pics in the next few days.

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