Crossfit WoD: Dumbells

Today’s Crossfit Central WoD for our 5;30 a.m. class:

3 rounds for time of:

  • 20 db lunges
  • 30 db thrusters
  • 40 db swings
  • 50 db dead lifts

The RXd weight: Men 50 lbs (per hand, except for the swings, use just one dumbbell) Women: 30 lbs

I guess I was feeling like a woman today because I went with the 30 lbs, mostly because I never would have finished the thrusters with the 50 lb dumbbells. The other exercises would have been Ok, as they relied more on leg and hip dive than arm strength.

Regardless, it was a brutal workout — half the class did not finished in the allocated time of 25 minutes. Best time was 21:24 My time was 24:16. I’m still trying to lift my arms above my head.

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