Crossfit WoD: Burn Those Legs

Tough workout this morning at Crossfit Central:

5 rounds for time of:

  • 15 snatches (95 lbs)
  • 400m run

My time: 24:26

Our class was HUGE today — biggest I’ve seen since I started training at Crossfit Central last August. Must have been 15-17 athletes working out. I think only two of the new people were actuall “new” to our class.  The others were folks who usually train at a different time at Crossfit Central, but for whatever reason worked in with us today.

Despite the extra (and new) people, I still came in DFL today. By a considerable margin, too.

But that’s OK, because I was one of only 3 guys using the full prescribed weight of 95lbs on ALL of my snatches. Most of the other guys were only using the 45lb barbell.

My snatches felt really good and I think I held my technique throughout all 75 reps. I don’t think our coach had to correct me on my form a single time (which would be a first). But the effort really killed me legs for the run (the 37 degree morning air didn’t help my lungs much with the run either). Despite that, I think my running was stronger today than it has been in a while.

A couple of hours have passed since I finished this WoD, and my legs are jelly. I haven’t felt this wiped and sore after a workout in quite some time. I like it.

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