Crossfit WoD: Row, Jump, Push

Today’s Crossfit Central 5:30 a.m. WoD was:

For Time:

  • Row 500m, 25 WallBall (20 lb), 25 Push Ups, 25 Box Jumps
  • Row 400m, 20 WallBall, 20 Push Ups, 20 Box Jumps
  • 300m, 15, 15, 15
  • 200m,10,10,10

My time: 21:28

Great metcon workout — unfortunately, the size of our class has grown (I think there were at least 12 in our class this morning). The problem is that Crossfit Central only has 4 working Concept II rowers.

Which resulted in a back up on the rowers.

I have most of the equipment at home that I need for most Crossfit WoDs. Except for a Concept II rower. So I look forward to days at the affiliate when we get to row, as it’s an exceptionally effective piece of equipment that really kills me.

So it’s frustrating that this is the second time in a row where our WoD were limited/hindered by too few rowers for the number of athletes in the class.

It’s a minor complaint, as the coaches and overall facilities/equipment at Crossfit Central are world class (especially our coaches). But still — perhaps Crossfit Central should consider limiting the size of classes to ensure that there is enough equipment for all athletes for each workout (we had a class early this month with 18 students in it…too big for a single trainer to manage and still give personalized instruction to all the athletes that need it).

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