Crossfit WoD: Run, Clean, Pull

The weather was a bit warmer for today’s 5:30 a.m. Crossfit Central class — I think we were right around 39-40 degrees when we started. Which is good since we had all the doors open for pull ups and were outside sprinting.

Today’s WoD was:

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of:

  • 100m sprint
  • 12 power cleans (men 95 lbs, women 65lbs)
  • 12 pull ups

I completed 6 rounds + the 100m run to start the 7th round. Not too bad.

Power Cleans

Did the cleans as RXd, and felt like my form was good (only admonished a couple of times for not getting my hips back far enough on the stomp at the top of the lift). Also, this was probably the closest I’ve come to catching the bar in the rack position since I started Crossfitting back in August. Some wrist and shoulder flexibility improvements are obvious.

Pull Ups

Pull ups? What can I say…still doing jumping pull ups, and more than 7-10 at a time turn my arms to jello. Again…I’ve got to lose some serious lbs to start doing band-assisted and then unassisted pull ups. Pulling up my current 260lb frame is just not within my ability at the moment.

I’m starting to do some band assisted pull ups at home (stringing together 3 at a time right now), and hoping to make some progress at the Crossfit Central pull up seminar this coming Saturday.


Just before we got the 3…2…1…GO, our coach admonished/reminded us that the 100m run was supposed to be a sprint. I half-jokingly told someone next to me that my 100m sprint pace = my 400m run pace = my 1600m jog pace. I literally run just about as hard as I can for just about every distance.

Did I mention that running is really hard for me still? Lots of stamina problems, lots of weighing too much problems, and lots of bad knee problems (both ACL’s reconstructed and now both knees afflicted with pretty severe osteoarthritis).

I kind of surprised myself though on the first sprint (everyone started together on the first 100m dash) hitting the 50m cone first, and back to the start line 3rd (out of 12 athletes in our class).

Now…don’t want to brag too much, but back in the day I was a fast son-of-a-bitch. Fastest guy on my high school soccer team. Pretty decent 400m track guy. Was a solid 4.7 second 40m dash guy. But that’s when I weighed closer to 180lbs than 260lbs. And on good healthy knees.

Anyhow…my next 5 sprints were much more at a jogging pace. However, for the final 100m I ran against one of the best runners in our class, Sarah, who was smoking the sprints. We hit the 50m cone at just the same time, and I challenged her to really race the final 50m back. I think I surprised the hell outta her and myself….pulling away from her before I pulled up at 40m (my bad…I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to slow my fat-ass down in time to prevent from running into the wooden fence that is just 10′  behind the finish line). To her credit Sarah ran hard all the way through the final 50m and edged me out by a yard at the finish line.

We both collapsed on the gym floor, and she reached over to give me a weary-armed high-five and congratulated me with a, “Wow. You really surprised me with that.”

Now…all I have to do is keep working so that I can run that hard out for all 7 of my sprints rather than just the first and last.

All-in-all, a great workout that really smoked my lungs, legs, and arms.

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