Found a Concept 2 Model D Rower for $25 on Craig’s List

I started building and equipping my home Crossfit garage gym a few months ago, and have it to the point where I can do most Crossfit WoD routines at home.

One of the last pieces of equipment I was hoping to add was a Concept 2 rowing machine. A new Model D rower runs about $900, and on the rare occassion that one does appear on Craig’s List it is usually for $450+.

But it’s  remarkable machine. Few — if  any — other pieces of gym equipment can give you as complete and brutal of a workout as a Concept 2 rower. If you’ve ever used one, then you know what I’m talking about.

Anyhow — I’ve been keeping my eye on Craig’s List hoping to find a decent rower for somewhere near $400 when I came across a garage sale posting in Copperas Cove (near Ft. Hood). The ad said that they had a “rower” (no brand name or model) for $25. Or, if you purchased the Bow Flex they were trying to get rid of, you they’d throw the rower in for free.

Is that a Concept 2 rower I see hiding behind that Bow Flex?

Is that a Concept 2 rower I see hiding behind that Bow Flex?

Anyhow, the ad had the picture to the right with it.

I wasn’t 100% certain, but sure looked like a Concept 2 rower (dissassembled) hiding behind the Bow Flex.

I emailed the person who posted the ad:

Quick question about the rowing machine — hard to tell from the image, but is that a Concept 2 rower? If so, I’d be very interested in it.

A young lady got back to me and responded:

Had to go take a look at it.. forgive the stupidity, but didn’t have any idea lol. According to the sticker on the machine, it is a Concept 2. 🙂

I quickly told her I’d take it.

So this morning I drove up to Copperas Cove (about 67 miles from our house in Austin) to pick up my new rower.

When I met the young lady, it turns out that the rower belongs to her husband, who is a few weeks from returning home from his second deployment to Iraq.

As soon as he gets home they are PCSing (permanent change of station) to Ft. Carson, CO, and she needed to get rid of stuff they had no room/use for.

She said that her husband had purchased this rower from another Soldier a few years ago, but because of his deployments was never able to use it.

When I fired up the PM3 monitor and checked the history, I realized that this rower had been used exactly 1 time for about 2000m.

In other words, I was looking at a good-as-new Concept 2 rower for only $25.

But I felt a little guilty standing in this military family’s living room, a young wife holding her 15-month old daughter packing up her home and waiting on her Soldier to come home from war.

So I offered her considerably more for the rower than the $25 she was asking for. She looked at me in bewilderment, but I assured her that we were both getting a very fair deal with the larger amount I offered her.

She seemed very grateful.

Anyway…drove home and set up my new rower. My garage gym is almost complete.

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One Response to Found a Concept 2 Model D Rower for $25 on Craig’s List

  1. Ashley says:

    I was the next in line. I couldn’t believe it either. I’m still in the process of looking, but I’m happy that someone found it who really appreciated the great deal! wow, $25.

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