Crossfit WoD: Fight Gone Bad

It’s the beginning of the month, which means another benchmark WoD at Crossfit Central. We rotate between Angie, Crossfit Total, and Fight Gone Bad.

Today was FGB. Unfortunatley, there is not enough time in our 5:30 a.m. class to run through FGB twice for all three rounds (have to go through FGB twice, where 1 person scores while the other worksout, and then they switch for the second time through).

So, we always only get to do FGB for 2 rounds. Which is still a brutal workout if you attack both rounds hard.

For those not in the know, FGB is:

*Three five-minute rounds of work, one minute rest b/w rounds
*Each movement is done for one minute for max reps
*Add up reps for each movement in each round; final score is total reps done for all movements for all three rounds
WallBall M:20 F:14
Sumo Deadlift High Pull M:75 F:55
Box Jump
Push Press M:75 F:55
Row (for calories)

My previous PR for two rounds was a pathetic 122, back in November. If I didn’t beat that score this morning, I was going to quit Crossfit, go home, and hang myself from the shower rod.

My first round this morning was great — really pushed myself hard through all five exercises (though I did fall off a bit on my last station, SDHP). I scored an 88, which included 27 push press and 10 calories on the Concetp II rower.

The second round though, I was gassed. Just couldn’t do it. But I’m also mad at myself for not pushing harder and for taking too many and too long of breaks. My Round 2 score was a pathetic 52. For a grand total of 140.

Which is 18 reps better than my last attempt. So there’s that.

I was however, 2nd to DFL in our group, with everyone else at least above 150.

Next time out? I’m going to kill myself…and my goal will be to improve by at least 18 reps again.

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