CrossFit WoD: Fran

Should have done an I am CrossFit supplementary WoD today…but I really wanted to do the HQ WoD today, which was Fran.

Fran: 21-15-9 of

  • 95 lb Thrusters
  • pull ups

Did my second Fran today — my first was back when I first started Crossfitting. My time then was 6:46, however, I scaled the thruster weight from 95lbs to 65lbs, and did jumping pull ups.

Today I did my first Fran in my home garage gym — used the full 95 lb thrusters, but still had to scale with jumping pull ups.

My time today was a bad 9:43. Too many breaks between sets of thrusters when I had to break them up. I think not having Choach Zach to push me and the competition of my fellow morning class Crossfitters was evident in the slower time, too.

My goal is to get my next Fran done in under 7:00 minutes with the full weight and jumping pull ups. My goal is to try Fran again in at least 3 months, unless Crossfit Central does it sooner.

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