I am CrossFit: Barbell and Body Weight Seminar

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Which started off with a two-hour instructional seminar/workout at CrossFit Central as part of the I am CrossFit program.

Big Mike teach Big Rob how to power clean

Big Mike teaching Big Robbie how to power clean

Today’s seminar, much like the first I am CrossFit seminar, was divided into 4 groups. Each group rotated around 4 stations, which focused on:

  • Lunges and squats — focus on teaching proper squat techniques (depth, proper back alignment, stay in the heels, and knee-foot alignment). We ended up with a burning 2-minute squat tabatta (with the 10-second “rest” taking place in the squat “down” position).
  • Handstand push ups — It’s been more than 20 years since I tried a handstand. Of course, I weighed about 100 lbs less then, and could walk up and down the soccer field on my hands. Today’s instruction started us off using a resistance band harness. Which was pretty easy for me, and I felt really comfortable being inverted. Moved onto the unassisted handstand pushups against a wall (for balance). Much to my surprise, I was able to not only kick into a handstand unassisted, but knocked out three full ROM handstand pushups on my own. Huge WIN.
  • Snatch — using just PVC pipe, we got a lot of coaching on the Bergner Warmup, and moving into a lot of instruction on the snatch. Fun and tough lift. Gotta focus on getting more “active” shoulders.
  • Power clean — Big Mike and Zach did a great job of breaking down the power clean into it’s fundamental pulls. A little form practice with a PVC pipe and then an empty 45 lb barbell. I’m still having considerable elbow/shoulder flexibility issues when it comes to catching the clean in the rack position. Big Mike recommended that I walk around with my 45 lb barbell at home trying to work my elbows higher while trying to get the bar under my chin.

Some good stuff here. My snatch and clean technique have come a long way over the last 6 months. Still lots further to go…but progress nonetheless.

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