CrossFit WoD: Nancy

Today’s Crossfit Central Workout of the Day (WoD) was Nancy. The “girl” workouts have a way of seriously beating me down.

Nancy (as RX’d) is 5 rounds (for time) of:

  • 95 lb Overhead Squats
  • Run 400 m

Click here for a video of Nancy.

My time today: 22:33 (Rxd)

My last attempt at Nancy was on August 7 of last year…making Nancy just the second CrossFit WoD I ever attempted (FGB was first…yep…welcome to CrossFit, sucka). My time back in August was 24:32…so I knocked nearly 2 minutes off my time.

But more importantly for me — back in August I had to scale the OHS weight down to 45 lbs. I tried the first set with 95 lbs, and it just wasn’t happening.

Today I was one of only two people in the class to use the fully prescribed 95 lbs (Daniel being the other). And even though I had to break each set up into sub-sets of 8-7 reps, I was stoked to be able to knock out all 75 reps with the full 95 lbs.

Now…to beat a dead horse…my running still sucks ass (and the wind right out of me). I simply have to get out and start running some 5k distances to get my running stamina where it neeeds to be. I swear I’m going to start doing that. Any moment now.

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1 Response to CrossFit WoD: Nancy

  1. sarahfit says:

    Nice work! Way to shave off time — and with the weight! I should have totally done the Rx weight, but my legs are in so much pain from all the running and soccer. I know CrossFit is not for “taking it easy” but this morning I needed to cut my legs a little slack. I’m so glad you found my blog!

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