CrossFit Central WoD: CrossFit Total

At the beginning of each month, we knock out one of three different benchmark WoD (Cindy, Fight Gone Bad, and CrossFit Total). This month it’s back to CrossFit Total.

My first CFT was done after just one month of CrossFitting, back on Sept. 4, 2008. I didn’t know what my “max” was on each lift, and think I left a lot on table (Back Squat=300lbs, Shoulder Press=165lbs, Dead lift=325lbs for a total of 790lbs).

Back then, I knew that my goal was to have a 1000lb or better CFT, and to do so, my goas were: 425 DL, 200 SP, and 375 Squat.

And today we did the first two lifts (DL and SP), and will finish the CFT on Thursday — yes, I know you are supposed to do all three lifts during the same workout…but we simply don’t have enough time and equipment for everybody in our class to do 3 reps of all 3 lifts in the same 45 minutes (including the CrossFit WU).


Anywho…I’m stoked as I’m well on my way to hitting my goal of 1000lb CFT.

My dead lifts this morning were: 385, 415 (old PR), and 425 (PR) — I felt strong on the 415 (old PR), but the 425 was a real strain.

My shoulder presses were: 165, 185 (old PR), and 200 (PR) — I can’t tell you how strong I felt on all three lifts. Especially since we did not have a squat stand, and therefore had to clean the weight from the floor. I was worried that the initial clean would sap my energy for the press…but as it turned out, it was just the opposite; after cleaning the weight, I felt a surge of adrenaline, and quickly moved to press the weight.

Hell, I wasn’t even sure if I could clean that much. As it turns out, I was pretty easily able to power clean all three lifts. I really think I could have pushed up 210-215 today. Which is my new goal (besides, one of our trainers, Andy [who is a freaking strong-ass freak for a “little guy”] says he’s been stuck at a PR of 205 for quite some time).

Anyway…all I have to do on Thursday a.m. is back squat at least 375lbs and I’m at the magic 1000 pt mark.

My last CFT back squat max was only 300lbs…but it felt pretty easy. A few weeks ago, I did 3x 315lbs, so hopefully I have a 375 push in me. We’ll see on Thursday.

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