CrossFit WoD: J.T.

Today’s CrossFit Central WoD was a shoulder killer:

21-15-9 of:

  • handstand push ups
  • ring dips
  • push ups

Pressing can get tough when you do it three different ways in the same workout. Pressing with your hands over your head, pressing with your arms straight down, then pressing with your arms in front of the body will develop greater awareness and strength of the shoulder girdle in different planes of motion.

My time was 10:20.

Several of the ladies in our class smoked this workout in under 8 minutes. I wasn’t last in class…just damn near to it.

I used rsistance bands for the handstand pushups (just a medium green band)…which is much harder than using the plyo box to prop up your legs…and just one step away from learning to do them as prescribed.

Also had to keep one foot on the ground for my ring dips.

At least the push ups were as prescribed, right?

Cool Down

The cool down was just another mini WoD — we started with 3 rounds of:

  • 21 wall ball shots (8 lb med ball, thankfully)
  • 15 med ball slams
  • 10 standing med ball twits
  • 100m run

When we got done with that? About 8 minutes of various planks.

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