CrossFit Wod: Lots of Squating Exercises

Despite my progressivly worsening knee, I warmed up for today’s CrossFit WoD after the brutal 300 squat workout from Tuesday.

I was a little bit afraid when I saw the number of squating motions exercises that Zach had put together for this morning’s 5:30 a.m. CrossFit Central WoD:

For time, 21-15-9 reps of:

  • SDHP (95 lbs)
  • In and Outs
  • Push Ups
  • Jumping Squats
  • Wall Ball (20 lbs)

My time was 15:16.

SDHP were easy, as were the push ups, jumping squats, and even the wall ball.

But those damned in-and-outs were nearly impossible for me (In-and-outs: using PVC paralletts, tuck your knees and swing your hips forward, when your feet clear, kick them out so that you land on your heels with your legs full extended in front of you. Now, quickly rebound, tuck your knees back while you swing your hips backwards. When your legs clear, kick your feet out and land on your toes with your legs fully extended. In (backwards) and out (forward) equals 1 rep.

I was able to do the outs Ok, but just couldn’t get my bad kneed to tuck up enough to do the “ins”,  so I had to walk my feet back behind me.

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