CrossFit Garage WoD: St. Paddy

My knee is shutting me down until I can get surgery. I’m not going to be attending my CrossFit affiliate classes until my knee is repaired and rehabbed. In the meantime, I’m going to keep trying to do exercises that my knee allows/tolerates from within my home garage gym.

During my warm up I and subbed rowing for running. Surprisingly I felt pretty good — in fact, I think the rowing did a lot of good for my knee.

So I came up with the following Garage WoD and named it St. Paddy:

3 Rounds (for time) of:

  • 400m row
  • 20 pull ups
  • 15 sit ups
  • 10 push press (95 lbs)

My time was 18:57

Slow. Too much time transitioning to back to the rower. Gotta just get strapped in and start rowing. The push press was pretty easy. Probably should have made those shoulder presses…or used more weight (135lbs) for shoulder presses.


I’m writing this post the morning after my St. Paddy workout. And my knee feels better than it has in a month. My first step out of bed this morning was pain free and I was able to walk “normally” down the stairs this morning.

My knee is still a little tight, and their is pain associated with walking. But it’s better than it has been.

I’m going to try some more rowing this evening…maybe do 3 rounds of 400 again, mixed in with some KB swings, wall ball shots, or push ups.

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