CrossFit Garage WoD: Push and Row

The rowing felt so good for my knee yesterday that I tried my luck with it again today in my garage gym.

4 rounds for time of:

  • 400m Row
  • 7x Push Press (135 lbs)

My time: 14:23

I was going to try to do the Crossfit Fittest Games Challenge WoD, which was 5 rounds of 400m run + 7x press (135 lbs). Really, I just wanted to see how I would have done on the 135 lb overhead presses, as I saw a lot of competitors really struggling with these at the CrossFit Fittest Games challenge a couple of weeks ago.

The weight really was no trouble for me, and I was almsot shoulder pressing the weight rather than push pressing.

My rowing felt OK. Was hitting about 26 strokes per minute at a 2:09 /500m pace.

I’ll probably try to keep doing all of the WoD on the Home page until my knee surgery. I ‘ll just keep subbing rowing for any running, and will have to find a sub for box jumps if they come up.

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