CrossFit Garage Gym WoD: Glute Killer

Still having to devise custom WoDs that I can do with my shredded knee.

I’ve found that a good warm up with some slow squats followed by some Concept 2 rowing, and I can get through most ROM exercises. So today I decided to push that theory and really work my knees and squatting motion with:

3 rds for time of:

  • 400m row
  • 15 KB swings (20kg)
  • 10 wall balls (10 lbs)
  • 15 sit ups

My time was 17:54, due mostly to some slow transistions between exercises.

I’m averaging must under 2:00 minutes/400m on the rowing, at an average of 27 strokes per  minute.

The Kettle Bell swings were good, and I was able to do all 3 sets of 15 unbroken. I should have done 20 reps, or wish I had a 24kg bell.

I intended to do 15 wall ball shots, but ended up just doing 10 because the place I was doing them (in front of the garage) just wasn’t a good spot. But I felt good squating to the full depth and throwing up the medicine ball. Unfortuantely I only have one medicine ball, and it’s only 10 lbs. But still a good exercise.

Sit ups were thrown in to give my legs a moments rest while still working hard.

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