2009 MS 150: Getting Ready to Ride

I’m going to use my CrossFit blog to also chronicle my training and participation in the 2009 BP Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 150.

The MS 150 is a 180-mile, 2-day bike tour from Houston to Austin that raises money for Texans living with MS.

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive neurological disorder that affects people in many different ways. It could be paralysis one day, loss of vision the next or impaired memory the day after that. Living with MS means living with uncertainty.

Anyhow…this will be my third year to ride the MS 150 from Houston to Austin — the first year I rode was in 2003 (with Devon Energy), and I rode again last year with Team Cameron.

This year’s BP MS 150 is April 18-19. If you’d like to support my ride, I’m still taking donations here.


I’ve been CrossFitting hard since last August, which I knew would give me a good head start once I started my bike training for this year’s ride.

In my two previous MS 150s, I hardly trained at all…so I wanted to be much better prepared this year. However, when my knee started hurting badly two months ago, I didn’t even know if I’d be able to ride at all — as I having extreme difficulty even walking.

In addition to not having an ACL in my right knee, last week’s MRI also showed a torn PCL, almost no remaining cartilage or meniscus, and sever osteophytes (bone spurs) growing all over my knee joint.

My surgeon thinks the cause of my most recent pain is one of my bone spurs rubbing a new groove on the back of my knee cap, which is exposing nerves and causing inflammation.

He thinks the quicker I can rub that groove smooth, the quicker the sever pain and stiffness will subside.

I started subbing rowing on my Concept 2 rower for all running a few weeks ago, and noticed an improvement in my knee flexibility and pain levels.

After some of my rowing WoDs, I climbed on my mountain bike and pedaled around the driveway just to test my range of motion. My first “test” was good, and I’m hopeful now that I’ll be able to start training on my bike tomorrow.

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