Keen Cycling Sandals

During last year’s MS 150, I noticed that my left big toe was sore and throbbing after the second day of riding.

Within two weeks the entire toenail turned black. About 4 months later, it fell off. (edited, thanks to Susan, to clarify that it was just my toenail that turned black and fell off…and not the entire toe).

Not good.

On some subsequent training rides, I knew that the left shoe (I’m currently wearing the Sidi Zephyr Carbon road shoe) was putting too much pressure on my right big toe — especially when climbing.

My current setup is:

  • Sidi road shoes
  • Speedplay Light Action pedals — 15 degree range of non spring-recentered free float: Free float without spring recentering tension allows feet to find their natural float range during the pedal stroke and eliminates knee strain.

I really like the free float pedals — not just how good they feel, but how easy they are to get in and out of.

Anyhow, I’ve ridden in the past with SPD pedals with no problems, but that was before my current knee problems.

But I went ahead and used my REI rebate check and 20% off coupon to buy some new Keen cycling sandals, which I think will give my toe a much needed relief.

Since they are SPD compatible only, I’ll throw my old SPD pedals on my Orbea on Wednesday and give my new shoes a try. Hopefully I won’t notice much (if any difference) on the knee strain, and will find enough support in the sole of the Keen’s to make them a servicable shoe for the MS 150.

If the Keens don’t work out, I’ll probably resort to cutting a slit near my big toe in my Sidis to give me some room/relief.

I’ll be back with a review of the Keens on Wednesday.

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One Response to Keen Cycling Sandals

  1. susancyclist says:

    I do hope your toe NAIL fell off and not your whole toe?! 😉

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