Crossfit Central WoD: Overhead

Did today’s CrossFit Central WoD from my home garage gym. The WoD was:

5 Rounds for time of:

  • 100 m row (subbed rowing for 100m run)
  • 7 hang power snatch (115 lbs prescribed, I used 95 lbs)
  • 5 overhead squats (115 lbs prescribed, I used 95 lbs)
  • 3 burpees

My time: 16:20

I probably lost about a minute transistioning in and out of the rower as opposed to just taking off on a 100m sprint, but this was a good workout.

Warmed up with the Bergner warmp-up (PVC pipe) and then practiced a few more hang power snatches with the PVC and then just the 45 lb bar. My form was feeling good so I went for it.

The first round I was able to do all 7 hang power snatches uninterrupted, and kept the bar overhead on the last rep and went straight into my overhead squats. Those felt good too and were uninterrupted. 3 burpees is a good number (when discussing burpees, fewer is always better than more).

For the other four rounds, I did 6 straight hang power snatches, then dropped the bar to catch my breath and let my arms recover for a moment. Then I would do the final hang powe snatch and go straight into my overhead squats — I was able to do all 5 reps of the OHS uninterrupted on all 5 sets.

Overall, felt my form on the hang power snatches was good. As I got more and more tired, I focused more on the hip drive and extension and the second pull to really get under the bar for the snatch.

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