CrossFit Central WoD: Barbell Burpees and Sit Ups

Yesterday’s CrossFit Central WoD was 10 rounds of: 3 barbell burpees-to-clean-to-press and 10 in-and-outs.

Since I don’t have any parallets yet, I subbed out sit ups for the in-and-outs (yeah, I know…slightly easier than in and outs…but sit ups are a weakness for me, and this was a good WoD to work on them).

So, my CrossFit Garage Gym WoD was:

10 rounds of:

  • 3 Barbell burpees to clean to press (135 lbs). See video for demonstration.
  • 10 situps

Time: 19:58

Great workout. I was able to muscle up the cleans pretty easily for all thirty reps, and an easy push press had the bar over my head without ever straining. The metcon aspect of the WoD is what did me in.

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