MS 150 Training Ride: Keen Cycling Sandals

Distance: 18.5 miles
Time: 1:05

Only eight more days until the MS 150 from Houston to Austin, and I’m feeling much stronger and better prepared than I did on either of my two previous rides.

Shannon wanted to go shopping at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, which is across the street from the Veloway. So I threw my bike in the back of her Murano and rode a few laps while she shopped at the Wildflower Center’s Spring sale.

I ended up riding an easy 6 laps at the 3.1 mile Veloway…it was a bit windy, but I felt really strong all the way around.

During my 5th lap, on the backside of the Veloway, I saw a roadrunner dart across the road. I must have split a pair of the birds, as the second one ran ahead of me for about 50 yards before darting in front of me. I felt a bit like Wile E. Coyote chasing it down the road.

We’ll be out of town all day tomorrow visiting my folks, so no riding tomorrow.

I hope to get in a 25-30 mile ride on Sunday though. After that, I’ll start tapering down to rest up for the ride — probably do a 12-15 mile ride on Monday, CrossFit on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, then ride 7-10 miles on Thursday, and rest on Friday.

Keen Sandals and Eggbeater Pedals

Today was my first ride ever with my new Keen Commuter Cycling Sandals and Crank Brother’s Eggbeater pedals.

My setup was a set of Speedplay Light Action pedals and some Sidi Zephyr carbon road shoes. But as I wrote here, my Sidi shoes just do not fit me right. Much too narrow on my left foot (my big toenail on my left foot fell off last year soon after the ride).

As much as I like my Speedplay pedals, they were not compatible with the Keen sandals.

My first impressions?

Loved the Keen sandals instantly. A lot of people who have reviewed the shoe said they thought it was too narrow. While it is slightly narrow for me, I’m a pretty big guy with an above average wide foot, and these shoes were extremely comfortable — especially compared to my Sidi road shoes.

I was concerned that the sole would not be stiff enough, but I hammered on them pretty hard and after 18 miles they felt great. No numbness in my feet and no pressure on my big toe.

And getting off your bike and walking around in these sandals? Awesome — again, especially compared to the Sidi road shoes. This will be  nice plus during the frequent (and often times muddy) pit stops during the MS 150.

As for the Ebbbeater pedals?

I understand that they are a mountain bike pedal, but they’re going to work just fine for a road pedal. Plus, I can now swap them on and off of  my mountain bike (currently set up with Shimano SPD pedals.

While not quite as easy to clip into as my Speedplays, they were much easier to clip out of.

Anyhow, I’m planning on putting about 50 more miles on them between now and the start of the MS 150, then of course the 180-or-so miles of the ride itself.

I’ll have an updated review after that.

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