CrossFit WoD: Shoulder Press

Today’s CrossFit HQ WoD was:

Shoulder Press: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Today’s lifts: 135-165-175-175-185-195-205 (f)

Shoulder Press -- 185 lbs. Easy money, baby.

Shoulder Press -- 185 lbs. Easy money, baby.

My previous best single shoulder press is 200 lbs, done at the CrossFit Central affilate during the CrossFit Total WoD (right after knocking out a 425 lb dead lift).

I cleaned the first 5 lifts, then used the squat rack for the last two lifts (failed going for a new PR — just didn’t feel that strong today).

Remember, the shoulder press is done with locked knees — no dip to get the bar moving (that’s the push press). Grip the bar, begin with a hard shoulder shrug to get the bar moving up, pull your head and chin back out of the way, then explode the bar straight up. As the bar passes over your head, drive your head forward. Lock out at the top of the lift. Careful not to sway your back too much.

This is an explosive lift, and is a great functional lift that demonstrates real-world strength.

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