CrossFit WoD: Grace

Today’s Workout of the Day is “Grace”, which is 30 reps of Clean and Jerk. However, it’s judged as 30 reps of “ground to overhead” anyway you can.

In other words, you don’t have to do strict squat cleans and jerks. I use power cleans and a push press to get overhead instead.

The last time I did this WoD (Nov 18, 2008), my time was 8:12. Today I took nearly a minute and a half off of my PR and did it in 6:37.

I should be able to get this done in under 6 minutes. On the video, I notice that during my first pull, I am pulling with my arms too soon before my hips are fully opened, which means that I’m not using my leg drive well enough and using too much arm to muscle the weight up.

The presses felt pretty easy — it’s the clean that wears me out.

Also, you’ll notice that I’m not catching the clean in the front rack position, which also puts an added strain on my arms:

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