CrossFit WoD: Cindy

Crossfit HQ Workout of the Day (WoD) was:

Cindy: Max rounds in 20 minutes of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats

I completed 13 rounds.

My last Cindy was on 11-13-08 at CrossFit Central.  I did 14 rounds then…but I think I might have only been doing 8 push ups and 12 squats that day along with 5 jumping pull ups.

Today’s “Cindy” was still done using jumping pull ups, but I did all 13 rounds x 10 push ups uninterrupted, and did all 15 reps of squats for all 13 rounds (though they weren’t always uninterrupted).

Total output:

  • 195 squats (plus the 30 I knocked out during the warm up)
  • 130 push ups
  • 65 jumping pull ups

The 220 squats? I’m guessing my quads will be barking at me tomorrow.

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