CrossFit WoD: Diane

Got a go at my first Diane, which, as prescribed, is:

21-15-9 of (for time):

  • dead lifts (225 lbs)
  • hand stand push ups

I scaled the dead lifts to 205 lbs, though in retrospect I don’t think I needed to or should have. My lungs gave out long before my ability to lift the weight.

Last time I tried unassisted handstand push ups was during a seminar at CrossFit Central, where I was able to get 3 unassisted HSPUs…not enough to get through this WoD. So I scaled by using my new IronWoody resistance bands — which arrived in the mail just hours before I started this WoD — to create a handstand harness.

My time was 11:22.

Check the video to see my final set of 9 reps. What I notived on the HSPUs is that I need to make sure to get my hands more directly under my feet to get more vertical. On the first set up HSPUs I was able to do 17 uninterrupted before I needed to drop back down to let some blood return to my head.

I’m looking forward to trying this one again…pretty sure I can get down under 10 minutes.

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