CrossFit Central WoD: SDHP and KB Swings

The last WoD I did last Thursday killed me. I’m usually recovered from my WoDs later that same day…but the 50 chest-to-bar pull ups destroyed me.

It was my first time doing these, and it required a lot of intensity to get them done. In the process, I think I used some seldom-used muscles in my biceps and lats. I also think I stretched the tendons in my elbows in ways that aren’t normal.

In fact, it took my nearly four full days to physically recover from that WoD. My arms hurt so bad, that I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t put my arms over my head without extremely uncomfortable pain.

As of yesterday morning, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make today’s CrossFit Central class, because I didn’t think I’d have the strength or flexibility to get through it.

But I showed up anyway. And after the warm up I knew that the pain was gone and wasn’t going to be an issue. I wasn’t sure how much strength I’d have though. So when I saw that the WoD was a very heavy shoulder day, I was a little nervous to see how my arms would react.

Today’s WoD

The WoD was:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1  reps of:

  • Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls (95 lbs)
  • Overhead Kettle Bell swings (24 kg)

I like both of these lifts, but I was worried about my shoulder pain so I scaled the KB swings to a 20kg bell. I used the prescribed 95 lbs for the SDHP, though.

My time was the best in class today at 9:12. Granted our primary morning firebreather (Daniel) wasn’t there, but still I felt really good about my effort.

The SDHP were tough…I was able to do most sets unbroken (flew threw the first ten pretty fast). The KB swings started off pretty easy, and I started to feel a bit guilty about only using a 20kg bell. But when I got down to the set of 5s, y lower back started barking at me and I was thankful to be using the smaller weight.


As has become the norm, we are now doing “cash out” workouts after our primary WoD. Today we formed a large circle in the parking lot — probably about 50′ in diameter. Each person placed a med ball in front of them. Then we did walking planks (push up position) around the circle, having to place our hands on each med ball (about 14 of them) as we went around the circle.

Since it was Cindy and Nora’s birthday today, we got to do a burpee for each year of the youngest (thankfully) birthday girl. That was 33 birthday burpees (Happy Birthday Cindy).

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