July Thruster Challenge: Week 1, Day 1

Decided to participate in the July Thruster challenge from the CrossFit HQ message boards. The challenge is:

(4 weeks) 3x’s a week (9,15,21 reps) #65,#95,#115,#135

This schedule means that on the first Monday you will do 9 x #65 reps, then 15 x #65 reps on Wednesday, and then 21 x #65 reps on Friday. The following week you do the same rep schedule but with an increased weight of #95 and the following weeks proceed with #115, followed by #135.

This is good, as I think this will help me with not only my thrusters, but also my squat (learning to explode from the bottom), my front squat, and my rack position for cleans and front squats.

I’ll video tape each one of my lifts to use as a coaching tool and for accountability.

Day 1, Week 1: 9 x 65 lbs

This wasn’t much trouble at all, so I’m trying to focus on technique during the early stages of this challenge:

This was done on a rest day, but I did my full CF warm up before doing this set.

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