CrossFit Central WoD: Back Squats

Heavy squat day today at CrossFit Central, which is good because this is the one lift most holding me back from a 1000lb CrossFit Total.

Today’s WoD was: Backsquats 5-5-5-5-5

Which means you should work up in weights until you find your maximum weight for 5 reps.

My PR on the back squat is only 335 lbs, which needs to be upped to at least 365 lbs. I’ve been working on squats more frequently at home, but usually doing 3 x 7 reps.

My current max for three reps is 315 lbs.

I was working alone today as I was the odd man out during our morning class, plus I knew I’d be lifting a lot more weight than the other two guys who were in class this morning. Thankfully our trainer Andy stayed close by to spot (never needed it), but more importantly, to keep an eye on my form and offer encouragement.

My lifts this morning were: 225-245-255-275-300

The first four sets really didn’t present too much problem, but the final two reps on the fifth set were pretty tough. However, knocking out 5 reps of 300 makes me think my strength and form are improving enough to move beyond my current 1 ROM lift of 335 lbs.

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