CrossFit Central WoD: Pull ups and Med Ball Cleans

Today’s WoD in the heat and humidity:

For time, 2 rounds of: 20 pulls + 30 med ball cleans (20 lbs) + 20 pull ups + 30 box jumps, then finish with 20 more pull ups and 30 more med ball cleans.

My time was: 18:54

I mention the heat and the humidity because I was sweating like a whore in church during this WoD, which made the med ball cleans tough, as I was having a hard time holding onto the med ball after just a few reps.

All pull ups were band assisted, and all box jumps were step ups. Think I’m about 20-25 lbs away from doing most WoDs with unassisted kipping pull ups. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do box jumps again (knees).

Current weight is 241 (down from a starting weight of 278 lbs when I started CrossFitting 1 year ago). My goal is to be at 225 by Christmas.

I’ve been eating strict Paleo since July 28, but haven’t lost any weight yet. Need to step up the exercise frequency (add 2 days of CrossFit per week, and at least 1 day per week on the bicycle). Also, more lean meats (less brisket) and less fruit and more veges.

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