CrossFit Central WoD: Dead, Row, Muscle Up..Dead

Today’s CrossFit Central WoD was right up my alley (almost):

For time:
25 Deadlifts M:225 F:135
500M Row
15 Muscle Ups
25 Deadlifts M:225 F:135

My time: 12:42, which was the best in class by several minutes.

I say almost right up my alley because, while dead lifts and rowing areĀ  good exercises for me, muscle ups are not.

I had to do the sub for muscle ups, which is 4 pulls + 4 ring dips per muscle up…which meant 60 pull ups and 60 ring dips. And we had to do them 4 at a time (instead of doing 60 straight pull ups and then moving on to 60 ring dips).

I normally use a resistance band for both ring dips and pull ups, but there getting into and out of the band every 4 reps would have meant that I never finished the WoD today. Instead I opted for jumping pull ups and assisted ring dips (one foot on the ground).

But, back to those dead lifts!

I knocked out the first 25 in a sets of 15-10, and then quickly moved to the rower. I was the first person on the rower, beating Linda S by about a minute.

She’s a good rower, but I was able to stay ahead of her and was also the first person off of the rower.

Daniel was the only person in class this morning doing Rxd muscle ups, and he made up ground on me quickly. But I got into a nice pace on the pull ups/ring dips, and finished those just before he finished his last muscle up.

Onto the last set of dead lifts, and I could see Daniel struggling, doing 3-4 reps at a time. I knocked out sets of 10-10-5, with just a 4-5 second rest between each mini-set.

Daniel finished up a few minutes behind me.

I think I’m still about 40 lbs in weight loss away from muscles ups. My goal is to lose that next 40 lbs by August of 2010.

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