CrossFit Central WoD: Clean and Jerk

I loves me some heavy Olympic lifting days — though today was the one lift I have the most trouble with:

1 rep Max Clean & Jerk
* You only get 12 minutes to find it!

I got in 5 lifts, the heaviest being “only” 205 lbs, which tied Daniel for best in class (by 40 lbs).

This is a PR for cleans for me, but I’m not satisfied. I’m unable to rack the bar on my shoulders (at all), and thus end up supporting the full weight of the bar with my hands and arms.

This really limits the amount that I can clean.

My max shoulder press is #205, and I’ve pushed a #265 split jerk (from a behind the neck position, after taking it off the squat rack) overhead before.

So the limiting factor in my max clean and jerk is the clean, not the jerk.

Have to start working more on my shoulder flexibility to get that good rack position.

Any tips or suggestions on improving my flexibitlity for a front rack position would be appreciated.

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