CrossFit Central: Birthday WoD

Today is my 41st birthday, which means “Birthday Burpees” at CrossFit Central. Instead of our normal warmup, we all (much to the consternation of my fellow athletes) got to do 41 burpees instead.

Then, on to the birthday WoD, which was:

5 rounds for time of:

500m row + 400m run

Since my sub for running is usually rowing, I did 100 reps of jump rope. My time was 26:00 even. Not great, but I pushed myself through this WoD, with only short breaks for breath…

2500m of rowing is no joke though — but I think that all of my rowing instead of running really paid off, as my form felt good.

Cashout was 5 rounds of 100m farmers walk (1.5 pood kettlebells). I only had time to (barely) finish 2 rounds.

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