Row and Squat Clean-to-Overhead: Two Great Exercises that Go Great Together

Lots of fun today:

3 rounds for time:

  • 500m Row
  • 10 Squat Clean to OH

M:155 F:105

I hate, hate, hate squat cleans. Mostly because I have a fear of dropping my body under a heavy bar and having my knee(s) give out on me.

But today’s technique didn’t feel too bad, and I felt I was dropping quickly and deeply into my squat to receive the second pull. However, coach Zach said that I was still pulling too early with my arms before my hips were fully opened and before my full shrug.

Gotta work on that.

The brutal part of this WoD is that the motion and muscles required to do a good squat clean (drive with the legs, then pull with the arms) is replicated in the rowing part of the WoD. So after you finish hammering out ~2:00 minutes on the erg, you go straight to heavy squat cleans.

Brutal, I tell you. Brutal.


I was the only guy in class who attempted the RXd weight of 155 (Navy Jeff wasn’t in class today), and finished in 16:24, which was just OK. After the first round, I was only able to do 2 squat clean-to-overhead reps at a time before having to reset, which slowed me way down.

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