CrossFit Benchmark WoD: CFT

Going into CrossFit Total (CFT), my primary goal is to break 1000 lbs for my total. Which means that I go into the WoD with a goal for each lift that will enable me to get there.

Those minimum goals are:

  • Back squat: 375 lbs
  • Shoulder press: 200 lbs
  • Dead lift: 425 lbs

So far, I’ve broken 1000 on my last two tries (PR is 1035 lbs).

My goals by the end of this year:

  • Back squat: 425 lbs
  • Shoulder press: 215 lbs
  • Dead lift: 500 lbs

Back Squats

Started on back squat and hit 350 lbs on the first attempt. Felt pretty easy. Almost “too easy,” so I moved up to my PR on the second attempt and felt pretty good matching my PR of 375 lbs.

I’ve long wanted to post a 400+ lb back squat, so I got greedy and tried to increase my PR by 30 lbs by attempting 405 lbs for my final lift. Once I got the bar on my back and backed away from the rack, my stomach was clenching and I knew there was no way I was going to get through this lift without busting out a large and obnoxious fart.

There I said it.

So, instead of not being able to control the release of gas (never, ever, under any circumstance trust a fart) during the actually lift — I stood there with 405 lbs resting on my shoulders while I tried to “gently” and silently let the gas escape.

To no success. Oh well…sorry about that Jeff (my spotter). My focus was blown and I just barely missed the lift. Oh well…next time. I’m not “unhappy” with matching my PR of 375 lbs.

Although, after finishing the day’s WoD, I re-racked the bar with 400 lbs and did push it up.

Hit the 375lb back squat on second lift, which ties my PR. Instead of going for a reasonable bump for the third lift, I went for 405lbs.

And just missed it. However, after the WoD was finished, I tried again with 400 lbs and made that lift. Next time.

Shoulder Press

I know I have one of the biggest 1RM shoulder presses at CrossFit Central, but I have made very little progress on it over the last year. I hit my PR of 205 lbs the last time we did CFT 3 months ago. But the last 4-5 times I’ve done CFT I’ve always attempted (and succeeded) at lifting 200 lbs.

I’ve never attempted to try 200 (or 205) with my second lift and then try for a PR on the final lift.

With back squat and dead lift, my PR weight felt “easy” the last few times, so I felt confident going heavier. However, with the shoulder press, my 185 lb lift (usually my second attempt) always feel pretty heavy, so I’m content to hit 200-205 for my final.

Which is exactly what I did again this time.

My second lift (185) didn’t feel great, so I only went for 200 on the final lift (successful). It wasn’t too much of a struggle, pretty sure I would have pushed 205, but not sure about 210.

Next time out, I will hit at least 200 lbs on my 2nd attempt, so I can hit a PR on my third go.

Dead Lift

Only need 425 dead lift to get my 1000 lb CFT! My PR, set the last go around at CFT, is 455 lbs. And that was on my third attempt. Think I could have pulled 475 at least, which is my new goal for Thursday.

UPDATE: I started my first lift this morning with 425 lbs, which is what I needed to hit my 1000 lb min. goal. Jumped up to 455 lbs for my second lift, to tie my previous PR. I felt really strong the last time I lifted 455, but today I really struggled with it.

Not daunted, I put 4 x 45 lbs on each end of the bar and struggled mightily to pull 465 lbs. I was the last person to attempt the third lift, so I had a full audience — which was great as I needed all the support I could get trying to straighten that lift all the way out. I swear it felt like it took 30 seconds from pull to finish.

Anyway…I increased my PR on dead lift by 10 lbs, which gave me a 5 lb PR for CFT (1040 lbs).


Thursday’s dead lift finals were followed by a quick and painful little WoD:

  • 800m run
  • 50 double-unders
  • 30 burpees

Did my best on the run, which was better than I expected. Though I hate, hate, hate running in my Chuck-Ts. By the time I was done with the run, my calves were cramping…not good for the rump rope and burpees. But I slogged through. Every body else in class was done with the WoD when I was just starting on the burpees…so, once again, I had a full audience once again while I finished up (in 10:16).

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