Paleo Whole30 Challenge

I’ve been CrossFitting for nearly 2 years now, and while I’ve made some significant gains in strength and ability, I’m not happy with my progress. The gains I’ve made should have been made in 3-4 months of hard training; not over the course of nearly 2 years.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Not enough training — I’ve been attending Coach Zach Theil’s 5:30 a.m. Tues/Thurs CrossFit class at CrossFit Central for the last two years. But that’s it. I don’t regularly get enough other training in to really help me get where I want to be.
  2. Poor nutrition — I’ve cleaned up my diet significantly over the last two years with the knowledge I’ve gained from the Zone and Paleo diets. The problem is consistency and falling off the clean-eating bandwagon. Simply put, I’ve got to get my eating (and drinking) habits under control if I want to get where I want to be.

Which brings us to: Where do I want to be?

When I started CrossFitting two years ago, I weighed in at 274 lbs (at 5′ 7″ that’s just too much weight and fat). Over the up-and-down two years, I’ve dropped to as low as 231 lbs, which is fantastic. Except that I gained most of that back recently.

On July 4, 2010 I stepped on the scale and watched it tick up and up, finally stopping on 261.6 lbs.

Unacceptable, and I’m moving backwards.

Which means that I’ve got to get serious about living, or get serious about dying. Almost literally, as I’m too big of a man getting on in years (I’ll be 42 next month) to hope to live a long life at the rate I’m going.

So, starting on July 4, I jumped back on Melissa Urban’s Whole30 Paleo cleanse. Which means 100% clean eating for the next 30 days, and I hope, beyond.

Here’s what I wrote on the Whole30 blog:

Today starts of the rest of my life.

Amy wrote, “I just turned 41, and want to live for a very long time.”

I’m about to turn 42, and if I don’t start making some big changes soon, I’m not going to achieve that goal. And, even if I do, I’m not sure how much “quality of life” I’ll enjoy with it.

Ever since leaving the Army in 1993, I’ve been packing on the pounds with my more-and-more sedentary life-style. I’ve always convinced myself that I was the rare exception — someone who is fat AND fit, just because I was still able to complete marathon canoe races and 150 mile bike rides and was a very active disc golf tournament player, while going to CrossFit 2x week religiously for the last 2 years.

Never thought about how much easier those task might have been minus the 60-or-so pounds I need to lose.

Almost exactly 7-years ago, I quit smoking because one day I woke up and just knew it was killing me and that if I didn’t stop immediately, I wasn’t going to live to see 40 years old. I quit cold turkey that day, and my life has improved immeasurably because of it.

I’m approaching the Whole30 the same way. In much the same way as my addiction to nicotine was killing me, so is my addiction to bad (and too much of it) food, combined with not enough physical activity. So two days ago, on the 4th of July, I decided to seek my own Personal Independence from bad, processed, food.

Hopefully, in 7 years from now, I’ll look back much as I do on my former cigarette-smoking self, and realize what a life changer this was.

Though nobody else reads this blog (compared to the nearly 2000 unique visitors I get to my politics blog, Urbangrounds), I’m going to chronicle my experiences and progress here. Because that’s what I do — I write.

In addition to stepping up my commitment to eating better, I’m also re-committing myself to a more active lifestyle and more training. That means more than just my 2x week CrossFitting and the 3-4 weekly hikes with the dogs in the greenbelt. It means more CrossFitting at home in my garage gym, more rowing on my C2 erg, more time on my bicycle, and more time swimming laps.

My Goals

Next May, about 10 months from now, the Texas Tri Series of triathalons starts with The Rookie.

I’m going to compete in that triathalon, which will be my first. Something to knock off of the Life List.

Oh, and I intend on being under 210 lbs when I do.

So —- 10 months to drop at least 50 lbs, build up to running a 5K, and being able to swim at least 300m without drowning.

Wish me luck.

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1 Response to Paleo Whole30 Challenge

  1. Lory says:

    If you ever want extra workouts, “The Tribe” (lead by Bonita) meets at Austin High School almost every day except for Fridays at 6:15 pm!

    Good luck with nutrition! You can do it!

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