Whole30 Paleo Challenge: Day 3

So far so good going strict clean eating (Paleo) and drinking (no alcohol) for the first three days.

I’ve dropped a quick 6 lbs, going from 261.6 to 255.6 over the course of the first three days.


On Monday, July 5, I smoked about 10 chicken thighs and 10 drumsticks on my smoker, and have been eating almost nothing but smoked chicken for my protein over the last three days. Eggs for breakfast on mornings I don’t have to be in the office.

Think I need to mix in a steak or two soon, though. And later this week I’ll smoke a couple lbs of salmon, too.

Combining that with lots of steamed broccolli (with olive oil), fresh red bell peppers (my very favorite veggie) some fresh cherries and blue berries, almonds, and fresh avocados.

How Do I Feel After 3 Days?

No headaches. That’s good.

But I don’t think my body has quite adjusted yet to not having a ready supply of carbs and sugars to burn as fuel. Not quite feeling that I have great energy yet.

In fact, during yesterday’s CrossFit WoD, I completely crashed in the middle of the workout — I toughed it out and finished (dead last by an embarrassing margin), but knew something was wrong with me and my energy.

Cravings and hunger? A little of both. Really want something sweet when I start getting hungry. Which I’m able to put off with a small handful of almonds mixed with some fresh berries.

As for the hunger, I’m not a guy who eats the RXd 5-6 small meals a day. I usually just eat 2 meals per day — a big lunch and a big dinner. I know, right?

Trying to mix in a few small snacks to tide me over.

Will post some “before” pics of my starting weight in the next day or so.

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