My New CrossFit Garage Gym

We moved to our new home on December 30, 2009. And one of the things I wanted most in our new home was a three-car garage so that I could have more room for my CrossFit Garage gym.

Our previous home had a two-car garage, which meant I still had my garage gym, but my wife had to park outside. Here’s my new gym:

And my pull-up bar:

Everything you need for world class fitness is in this 8×10′ space. Pull up bar, squat rack, Olympic bar and rubber bumper plates, rings, plyo box, C2 rower, assorted kettle bells and dumb bells, Dynamax med ball, and a jump rope.

Thinks I’d add if I had more room: heavy tire for flipping and beating with a sledge hammer, GHD machine, rope for rope climbs, and an ab mat.

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2 Responses to My New CrossFit Garage Gym

  1. Love the garage gym, I am doing one myself at the moment. Have you got a design for that pull up bar? Or a list of the materials you have used? That is the last piece of the puzzle for me!

    • Jesse says:

      I’m mirroring your designs on the plyobox and pull-up bar. Did you use specific demensions or just wing it? Any issues when you built them at home that you may be able to alleviate from my process?

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